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Air Circuit Breakers

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Air Circuit Breakers are usually used where over current and short circuit issues are major threats. These Air Circuit Breakers help to minimize the effect of over-current and used where low voltage applications below 450 Volts are carried out, mainly in the distribution panels.
It operates in the air, at a given atmospheric pressure as an arc extinguishing medium. Mehta Enterprise is one of the largest Air Circuit Breakers Exporters in India. With an increase in the demand and supply of air circuit breakers in the industry, we have ready to go stock.
To cater the needs of the industries, we have tied up with major Air Circuit Breaker Exporters in India as well as in the world such as Schneider Electric in both the types, i.e., Type B and Type C.
Our Team:
Since the inception, we have been successfully able to meet the demands of air circuit breakers which are easy to install, durable and gives high performance to the electrical circuits and boards. This is possible due to the efforts of our team who works tirelessly to solve any issues arising in the electrical circuits where air circuit breakers are used, making us the largest Air circuit breakers Suppliers in the market.